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Jaguar Effigy Jar, 13 3/8 x 10 5/8 x 11 7/16"

Black Monkey Mask, 14 1/2 x 6 3/4 x 6"

Tomb Figurine of a Tricorn Mythical Animal,  7 3/4 x 13"

Ball Game Yoke, 16 x 15"

Han Dynasty Tomb Soldier , 18 11/16 × 5 7/8 × 5 1/8"

Llama Head of Effigy Vessel, 8 1/4"


Artifact Consultation

Visible Storage Aquisition




Needs & Applications



Hardware Assistance

Equipment Rentals



Scanning & Modeling 

Post-production Retouch

Were-jaguar with Half-mask,  12 x 7 1/2 x 9 1/2"

Modeling artifacts, virtual learning initiative through The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art.


The Herbert F. Johnson Museum's staff and I had a meeting concerning virtual learning initiatives for the 2020 Fall semester at Cornell University. The museum's main obstacle was finding a place for their physical collections within the new COVID-19 learning environment. Having some experience with various modeling programs and hardware, I suggested exploring whatever means to digitize these physical pieces. 


Initially unsure by shifting circumstances, the staff permitted me to use my college's IT hardware to create preliminary scans of in-storage artifacts that would later be refined in post-modeling software. With the models uploaded onto an accessible platform, professors and students alike could explore pieces from the Han dynasty to the pre-Colombian era. 

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Museum archives were useful in adjusting model details.  

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Occipital Structure Sensor

High-quality IMU + ultra-wide-angle camera = scalable sensing platorm.

Accessible, adaptable modeling maps for 3D printing, animation, VR, etc.


Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Surface texture mapping through incident light & photography.

Models are scalable within virtual reality environments. 

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Printing Kinesthetic Learning Tools 


With 3D printing, fragile museum artifacts can be transformed into objects safe for Kinesthetic learners. Kinesthetic learning is extremely important for younger audiences who have an excellent physical memory and learn through their sense of touch. 


3D print next to the original Were-jaguar artifact in the Johnson Museum of Art. 

Upcoming: Informative Process Video

Working with in-house videographer David Brown


Going forwards, the museum and I plan on compiling a video walkthrough of the project's process. 


The museum's in-house videographer David Brown has already collected the necessary footage that I will be later editing. 


The final video will then be used as Johnson Museum promotional work and education. 

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