Edition No. 2. 2021

Supported by the SAFC Cornell University 

The AMO's ZINE showcases the work of over 50 artists of diverse backgrounds and practices. It stands as a testament to the work achieved despite the challenges faced by creators during the pandemic. 

Original Design, published.

Layout design, editorial, and publishing by Sabrina Haertig Gonzalez.


Edition No. 1. 2020

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

Reviving & Evolving the AMO Through COVID-19

The Art Majors' Organization has been a long-standing student group within Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Urban Planning. However, for years the organization did not have an active membership, and club funds were not used in their best capacity to increase student engagement and build community. 

As the organization's new president faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted the AMO to provide support and engagement more than ever despite university restrictions on clubs and distance learning. Thus, with thorough re-branding and outreach, the club's membership grew from 3 active members to 56. The club now welcomes Fine Art minors and enthusiasts. In addition, funds were used to create the organization's first ZINE. 

The ZINE provided a platform for new and old students to become antiquated and professionally share their work. All submissions were accepted this year with consideration of the pandemic.