Original Design, published.



The newly constructed RAND Library at Cornell University presented a significant design flaw. When the sun was at its brightest, unfiltered light obstructed the sight of those reading at the desks. Although the library's present solution was traditional window shades, our design course proposed a Brise Soleil replacement. The adjustable Brise Soleil could accommodate both readers at the windows and those walking in the stacks.  


One of the objectives of this project was to repurpose a material harvested from the local region of Ithaca,

Ideally, the material was a byproduct of a manufacturing process or waste so we could intercept its path to a landfill. 

Our team's material was cardboard | MDF tubing. The tubing served as a simple solution to creating a multi-part shingle Brise Soleil. 

RAND Library Brise Soleil 

2019. Design for Disassembly Course 

"Today's construction methods prioritize permanent techniques of statically casting and welding or irreversible methods of fastening and adhering materials together. These processes of construction allow minimal opportunity for the reuse of materials. Common methods of construction use building materials in a noncircular way and are also responsible for the consumption of massive amounts of it. The construction industry consumes approximately 30% of all raw materials in the world today. With the average lifespan of a building using concrete construction techniques being only 60 years, this leaves us to question: what happens after the building's intended function has concluded? 

Design for Disassembly (DfD) posits that nothing built should exist in a state of assumed permanence, but instead, as temporary compilations of future building materials. Through this lens, the seminar will be more interested in how things come apart rather than how they go together. While still a relatively new topic in architecture, Design for Disassembly has been present in the building industry for several decades. In addition to these architectural precedents, the seminar will examine products of allied fields of design while paying specific attention to joints, mechanical connections, and details incorporated as part of the overall assemblies with the explicit purpose of disassembly. 

To maximize the potential for reuse of materials, connections need to be developed, allowing two or more components to be joined in a way that the connection is reversible without damaging the other components."