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CUSD, Mobility


The Sustainable Mobility group is a part of Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD) and is dedicated to re-designing transportation in Tompkins County, New York. This interdisciplinary team is composed of both undergraduate and graduate students from Cornell University and is advised by Professor Sirietta Simoncini.

This semester, the team focused on using Systems Engineering and Design Thinking tools to understand how to tackle challenges regarding wayfinding.


This included understanding various user needs, analyzing how users interact with the system and figuring out effective ways to communicate important information. For the Garage Wayfinding System, we completed our proposed updates to the Seneca St. garage from a design and budgeting standpoint, and we designed and carried out detailed testing procedures for the garage signage. 

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Table 1: The decision matrix used to inform the decision to focus on navigational murals, pedestrian walkways, and clarifying driver signage.


Seneca Street Garage Redesign


The Seneca Garage currently loses thousands of dollars per year. 

We sought out to identify what aspects of the Seneca Garage were failing amongst users. 


Field Work







Streamlining payment, beautifying space, and creating a cohesive wayfinding system were top priorities.


The design also looks to educate garage patrons on Ithaca's unique ecology to increase environmental awareness and encourage tourism.

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After a successful meeting with stakeholders, the CUSD design team with the cooperation of Tompkins County will be moving forward with their design plans. 

The next steps include consultations with building management, engineering, and finalizing a time and budget. 

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