2021. Sabor a Carne. Experimental Gallery, Cornell University. Ithaca, NY

Sabrina Haertig Gonzalez is a New York-based artist and BFA of Cornell University. Her practice of augmenting and collapsing objects, products, and bodies through their form and materiality looks to challenge exploitative phenomena and histories. She is currently generating a series of public sculptures, installations, and performances investigating female corporeal resistance to extractive economies through the hybridization of shelter, sustenance, and defense. As a Presidential Rawlings scholar at Cornell, her research focus is decolonial artistic confrontation and resistance to which she has produced two solo exhibitions of the past year- “Es Lo Que Tenemos” at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art and “Sabor a Carne.” Her practice heavily relies on a synthesis of community engagement and scholarship as she believes it to be the foundation for restorative work. Sabrina serves as the undergraduate arts representative for AAP’s Diversity and Inclusion Council where she continues to advocate, develop policy, and drive implementation. She is the recipient of the Edith Adams and Walter King Stone Memorial Prize, the Cornell Migrations and the Mellon Just Futures Creative Writing Award, and the Frank and Rosa Rhodes Scholarship.

Sabrina has recently been awarded Degree Marshall status for her graduating class and has been selected as the Presidential Merrill Scholar for the college of AAP at Cornell University.