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Steel, fabric, children’s blankets, tubing, torched vinyl, silicone, paint, ferric acid. 7’ x 5’ x 13’

Standing over 13 feet tall, I Remember What I Don't serves as a host for the dissociative memories from trauma, crippled seemingly by its internality and the levity that may arrive from both realized and possible healing. The steel frame and fabric components within have been exposed to cycles of creation and transformation under the material processes of destruction and repair. All legs that had once stood straight were then severed and reattached into the precarious crawl it currently assumes. And in this body without a head, memory are entwined in the organs of acid-soaked children's blankets and torched vinyl couch covers. Vulnerable, these forms are lifted out of reach as if under protection.

Sabrina Haertig (B.F.A. '22) Milstein Dome May 14, 20224.jpg

I REMEMBER WHAT I DON'T, 2022. Site: Milstein Dome, Cornell University
Photography by Anson Wigner

Sabrina Haertig (B.F.A. '22) Milstein Dome May 14, 20225-Edit.jpg
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